The Story of a Laura Marie

I have always had a camera in my hand.... you know, way back when you had film? Friends, Gatherings, trips, I was always taking pictures.

In 2009 my father who is an amazing hobby photographer, gave me his DSLR, as he had upgraded. I started with my own children, friends, etc. Then I was so busy doing that, One day I just went for it. And here I am!

When Im not behind the camera, or my computer, I like to sit by a fire with friends and family, soak in the sun and or have a nice cold brewskie.

I Love camping and the outdoors, but not the cardio part of outdoors , the chillen and relaxing part of the outdoors, just to be clear.

"Laura is so nice and easy to work with. I would hear from her at least once a month leading up to the wedding. Then after the wedding, she would send us sneak peaks and keep us posted on when the photos would be done. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

  • Madison and Wyatt

"All around amazing experience......

Laura did our engagement and our wedding shoot. She knew we were nervous and camera shy and she totally pulled us out of that. She made us feel so comfortable. The day of the wedding, not only did she take amazing photos, but she helped keep everything on track. We highly recommend her. "

  • Megan and Mark

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