Destiny's Story

This post, is a little different then my normal blogs, however, its one I am most proud of.

Most of my blogs are sunshine and butterflies, but not everything about life is rainbows, but those real, raw moments, are just as important as the happy times in our lives. The struggles we go through are part of what make us who we become, and helps us grow.

This young lady, is a perfect example of taking a difficult time in her life, and making the best of it.


2016, would be a life changing year for Destiny. Its the year they discovered her Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, that progresses, during your growth spurt.

Growing up, no one caught it. No doctors, no physicals at school, until one day Destiny realized her spine looked different then everyone else. Showing her parents, they of course made a doctor appointment to have her examined. It was from that visit where they realized how bad her spine was actually curved. It was in the shape of a S, at a 60-70 degree angle, and needed immediate surgery.


“ Going into surgery, I was terrified, worried. I was so young to be having such a big incision that would stick with me for the rest of my life. I don’t think I was mentally prepared for it. This was going to be a new start for me. I knew I was supported by my friends and family and my guardian angel which gave me the strength I needed to believe everything was going to be ok. “ - Destiny


Her surgery lasted only 5 hours, with two of the best surgeons around. She was placed with two rods and 32 screws aligning her spine, with the incision starting at the T2 (Thoracic Vertebrae) going down to the L3 (Lumbar Vertebrae) Due to how severe her condition was, they were unable to fully correct it, if they did, she would have lost all flexibility.


“After months of healing and gaining my confidence back, I look back at this surgery as a blessing, and a lesson in life. God will do the unexpected, he will make you question, but I learned that one moment in life can change your whole perspective. The impossible is possible. “ - Destiny


When Destiny contacted me and told me her story, Her strength brought tears to my eyes. She wanted to embrace her scar. Show the beauty in it for our scars are who we are. They are roadmaps of our lifes journey.


“Finding the good in the Surgery, helped me excel in School, I refused to let this limit my success. I will be graduating from Yucaipa High School in 2019, and from there I will look forward to my path in becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. “ - Destiny