Disneyland Fairytale Dream

This wedding was a little different then most. As most if not all of my clients become people I consider friends, This family I knew personally, going in.

I have 4 kids, and while little, everyone is their “best friend”. My husband and I don’t really pay too much attention to friends until their a little older.

My daughter, started talking about a little girl in the 3rd grade, about 8 years old, and I continued to hear about her through the next couple years of school. On my daughters 10th birthday, I finally agreed to meet this little girl, Emmie, short for Emily, and her Parents. We had it at a local pizza place intone, and when Emmie and her parents arrived, I saw the love the girls shared instantly. Her parents seemed nice and I was eager to get to know them, if the girls were going to remain close. My husband had a late meeting for work, so he arrived a little later then myself. When he did, he saw Emmie’s mom, Angie, and her husband Carl, and Much to my surprise, they knew each other. Not only did they go to high school together, but they were pretty close as well. We all were relived as we knew it would be smooth sailing from that point on.

Oh, yea and the girls were pretty excited as well…..


As I mention often… I cry at pretty much every wedding I photograph, but this was by far the most I had cried. From the moment Ashley put on her dress, to the last dance… I cried, and cried, and then cried some more.

I am really going to be a hot mess when my kids get married…. oh goodness


One of the moments I cry at EVERY wedding…. is the mother/son dance. I have 4 children, but three boys. I ALWAYS think of that moment I will share with my boys and the tears start to flow. This particular wedding with my being close with the family already, this Father/Daughter dance had me ugly crying for reals! My husband and my daughter were guests, and thank goodness cause I had to motions to my daughter to bring me a napkin for my face heehee….

My daughter, with her Beautiful best friend Emmie

My daughter, with her Beautiful best friend Emmie